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Discover LGBTQ+ laws, rights and social sentiment for every place on earth.

Discover LGBTQ+ laws, rights and social sentiment for for every place on earth. We are sharing a flag so you can see all destinations and how LGBT friendly they are. Use the...

19 Sep 2018
Community news

Bank freezes bank account on trans woman who ‘sounded like a man’

A transgender woman in UK says she was”humiliated” after she attempted to access her funds. She learned her account was frozen. When she inquired as to the reason, the...

11 Sep 2018

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has backed same-sex marriage.

The Cuban leader, who took over from Raúl Castro on 19 April, said he was in favour of recognising "marriage between people without any restrictions".

In an interview with TV Telesur, he said doing so was "part of eliminating any type of discrimination in society".

It comes as Cuba is in the process of updating its constitution, which had defined marriage as between "a man and a woman".

The proposed constitution will replace the 1976 national charter once a popular consultation is concluded and the draft has been approved in a national referendum scheduled for February 2019.

'Massive thought evolution'

President Díaz-Canel's endorsement of same-sex marriage is in stark contrast to the persecution homosexuals suffered in the decades following the 1959 Cuban revolution.

Official attitudes towards homosexuality on the Communist-run island have changed over the past decades partly thanks to the efforts of Raúl Castro's daughter Mariela

Ms Castro, who heads the Cuban National Centre for Sex Education, has been a vocal defender of LGBT rights.

"We've been going through a massive thought evolution and many taboos have been broken," Mr Díaz-Canel told Telesur.

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